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We believe you need a partner who can help you mastermind the perfect event.

Mellisa’s expert auctioneering skills, as well as her extensive experience in fundraising, benefit planning, and nonprofit consulting, have helped her raise more than $500 million for some of the most renowned nonprofits and organizations. With integrity and passion, she and her talented team use their hard-earned knowledge and experience to make every event as successful as possible.

Our benefit auctioneer in New York team will share our inside tips and best practices to help cultivate auction items and recommend auction sequence for maximum results for your big event. Mellisa and her assistant will arrive early for venue walk-through, rehearsal, and production logistic

With 15 years of fundraising auctioneer experience in New York, and more than $500 million in results, Mellisa and her team share best tips, tricks, and insider secrets to create a unique event that is tailored to help you meet and exceed your goals. Recognized Nationally as a Benefit Auctioneer Specialist & Philanthropist. Book us today, 2019 dates and availability are filling fast.

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